Equality Duty

The Equality Act 2010 places duties on the council and requires all councils to publish information about their compliance with the Act.  Information and guidance about this Act can be found at the Equalities and Human Rights website.

Currently two key factors impact on High Peak Borough Council:  Firstly the council is in a Strategic Alliance with Staffordshire Moorlands District Council which means that it shares a workforce, services and many policies. Secondly that the council is going through a major process of change in order to meet a reduction in Government financial support, this process involves significant reorganisation a reduction in the workforce and other efficiency measures.  A consequence of these factors is that many previous policies, systems and plans will now need to be reviewed and amended, and staff responsibilities are changing with a consequent impact on training needs.

Equality Information

Our Community:

The council has access to a range of publicly available information on the population of High Peak. This includes census data and the Index of Multiple Deprivation. A number of key plans have been produced which summarise some of the information. These documents can be found at the end of this page:

  • The council’s Equality and Diversity Scheme
  • Community Strategy
  • Draft Cohesion Strategy
  • Area profile

In addition the council supports initiatives which target engagement with specific groups of people in the community.  Again the relevant documents on the following can be found at the end of this page:

  • 'Equalities profile'
  • Complaints – monitoring information

Our Workforce:

Information is for both High Peak and Staffordshire Moorlands Councils. Managers and many staff work across both authorities. Note: There have been significant staff changes since July 2011.

An Equal Pay Audit was undertaken in 2010 and a report produced.  A further audit will be undertaken prior to April 2012, this will provide an opportunity to obtain data for a more detailed analysis.

Key Policy Decisions:

The new Corporate Plan sets out the priorities for the council and was subject to an Equality Impact Assessment.

The most significant service restructure proposed as part of the efficiency measures concerns ‘transactional services’. An equality impact assessment was undertaken.


A number of information gaps have been identified which impact on the councils ability to improve its performance in relation to its Equality Duty.

The council’s Equalities and Diversity Scheme sets out a number of actions for the council. There will be a review of these actions to take account of the significant changes affecting the council.

The equalities Impact assessments undertaken as part of the Corporate Plan identifies actions which need to be taken in order to better understand our communities.

The equality impact assessment undertaken as part of the Transactional Services review identified gaps in information about our workforce. 


Last updated: 26th March 2014

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