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Crime and community safety are key concerns for communities, even in low crime areas, such as the High Peak.

It affects many people in a variety of ways, be it fear of crime, experiencing nuisance or being a victim of crime. A safe community is central to the quality of life and contributes to the High Peak being a place where people want to live, work and visit.

The complex issues of crime and community safety can only be tackled when agencies, organisations, businesses and communities work together in partnership.

Since 1998, we have been a leading partner on the High Peak Community Safety Partnership. The High Peak community safety partnership sets priorities, manages resources and monitors the activity of the Partnership.

The Community Safety Team undertakes the day-to-day work of the partnership. The team is based at Buxton Town Hall, and includes a Community Safety and Enforcement Mananger, Community Protection Officer and a Police Sergeant seconded to the department.

Derbyshire WISH North Domestic Abuse Support Services

Derbyshire WISH North provides Accommodation Based and Floating Support services throughout the High Peak.  The service is available to individuals and families (both male and female) who are experiencing domestic abuse.

Accommodation Based Support is provided via communal refuge (female only) and individual accommodation (both male and female).  Pets may also be accepted in individual accommodation.

Floating Support Service is specialist domestic abuse, tenancy related support and is available to both men and women who are living in their own homes. Regular weekly support sessions are planned with the individual and can take place either in the person’s home (if it is safe to do so) or at an agreed safe venue within the community. 

The support WISH offer is structured to individual need and can include:

  • Safety Planning
  • Support with finding the right place to live
  • Accessing benefits, managing budgets etc.
  • Accessing legal service
  • Accessing health care
  • Finding out about and accessing community organisations
  • Accessing cultural and religious organisations
  • Accessing education, volunteering and employment.

You can ring WISH North directly on 01457 857714 or email  WISHNorthUsers@ncha.org.uk in High Peak and North Derbyshire Dales or be referrred from an outside agency such as your doctor, police, health visitors, Women's Aid, mens services and housing officers.

Should you need advice and support out of hours, you can call trained NCHA staff at the SMaRT service on 0845 650 5599 or text 07950 150 092

Your details and any personal information given with be held in the strictest of confidence.

Loan Sharks

As money gets tight, more and more people may be tempted to turn to quick fix loans from illegal money lenders.

This can quickly lead to more debt and a feeling that there's nowhere to turn - until now. Derbyshire County Council's trading standards team is working closely with East Midlands illegal money lending unit the Public Protection Project Team to crack down on loan sharks who prey on vulnerable people.

The team works with voluntary groups such as Victim Support, Citizens Advice and Credit Unions to provide support to victims of loan sharks. It also enforces the law by making arrests and putting loan sharks in prison.

If you have been stung by a loan shark and want to report your concerns, or you'd like advice and information you can call the Public Protection Project Team's confidential helpline 24 hours a day, seven days a week on 01332 644 000.

Farm Watch and Rural Crime

Farmers in Derbyshire are being urged to take advantage of a free crime prevention service aimed at protecting the county’s rural communities.

The aim is for it to strengthen community spirit, encourage vigilance and help reduce the opportunity for crime to happen in the first place by the swift sharing of information.

When someone reports a crime such as the theft of agricultural equipment, messages will be sent out to everyone signed up to the scheme urging them to be on the lookout.

The same goes for issues such as suspicious vehicle sightings – if it’s reported, police and Farm Watch members can share that information with the whole farming community quickly and try to stop crime before it happens.

Benefits members will receive include:

  • Practical crime prevention advice to farmers and landowners, to help ensure their property and goods are as secure as possible;
  • A property marking scheme to make it harder for thieves to dispose of stolen goods;
  • A text, email or voicemail alert service;
  • A dedicated page on the Derbyshire Police website to keep members updated with the latest rural crimes, trends and prevention tips.
  • Warning signs for your gates and property will be given out so criminals will be aware that you are a member of Farm Watch and that your property is protected

It will be powered by the constabulary’s Derbyshire Alert service, a free messaging system that sends appeals or crime prevention messages to tens of thousands of recipients via text, email or voice message.

Those signing up for Farm Watch will receive information relating to rural crime, such as livestock rustling, oil theft, vehicle theft, burglary, trespass and criminal damage.

For more information, call your local Safer Neighbourhood Team on 101

Hate Crime

Hate Crime is wrong...

If it happens to you, or you see it happen, please report it.

Hate incidents can have a very bad effect on people’s lives and society in general. They can cause great personal harm and damage to community relations. The Council is committed to ensuring good relations between all people within the borough. To make certain that the Council plays an active and prominent role in monitoring and reducing hate incidents, we have developed a reporting system that will help us deliver a consistent professional approach to reduce and eliminate this often hidden problem.

What is a hate incident?

A hate incident is any incident committed against a person or property that the victim or any other person believes is motivated by the offender’s hate against people because of their race, sexuality, disability, religion, age or gender. Examples include verbal abuse, vandalism or damage to property or physical violence.

Some hate incidents will be criminal offences. If you contact us with details of an incident we will refer the information to the appropriate authority, including the Police who can take the necessary action. Please contact our customer services team on 01298 28400.

Stop Hate UK

You may also call the national Stop Hate UK 24-hour helpline FREE on 0800 138 1625 to report a hate incident or seek support for individuals and communities affected by hate crime. Visit the Stop Hate UK website for more details.

Last updated: 2nd June 2016

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