Local Land Searches

What is a search?

A search is carried out, usually on behalf of purchasers of land and property to ascertain if there are any matters affecting property or land, registered as a Local Land Charge, which an intended purchaser should be aware of (LLC1). It also reveals other relevant information held by the Council as a whole (Local Enquiries – CON29). The information given on a search relates only to the property or land identified by the search address and accompanying plan, which should be edged in red. The two parts of the search together will reveal, for example, planning permissions, conservation areas, tree preservation orders, development plan status, road schemes, contaminated land etc.


Local land search charges

This page contains fees and charges associated with requesting local land searches.

Drainage and Highways

More information on who to contact for drainage and highways land searches.

Land charges contact form

Please use this link to make a general enquiry about land charges. Make a general enquiry

Personal Search

More information on how to carry out a Personal Search Request in this section.

Requesting a search

We accept instruction from our customers for a Local Authority Search by email, telephone, fax and post. You can

Last updated: 1st October 2015

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