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Reporting flooding

If lives are in danger or there is a risk of injury, contact the emergency services (fire and rescue) as soon as possible by dialling 999.

Otherwise, the following services should be contacted:

Environment Agency

If your property is under threat from flooding from main rivers, then you are advised to contact the Environment Agency's Floodline on 0345 988 1188.

The Environment Agency will be able to offer you advice or assistance on how best to reduce the damage caused by flooding.

Derbyshire County Council

You should contact county council where you or your property is under threat from flooding from smaller ordinary watercourses, from surface water or from groundwater.

Please call: 01629 533 190

Report online to Derbyshire County Council

Sewer or water main flooding

Where the flooding you are experiencing is caused by a burst water main or from sewers, please contact the utility company for your area:

Road gullies

We empty gullies (road drains) on behalf of Derbyshire County Council. 
The cleaning schedule is arranged by DCC with most visited once or twice a year depending on the category of the road.
If you see a drain grid blocked with leaves and debris when it's raining, if possible, please clear the grid to allow the water to flow and prevent local flooding. 

Contact us to report a problem with gullies.

Flood Warnings

If you're worried about your property sign up to get flood warnings from the Environment Agency

You can also get regular Flood Warning updates by calling the Environment Agency's Floodline Warnings Direct on 0345 988 1188


Information on sandbags can be found using the link to the right of this page on drainage and flooding and also from Derbyshire County Council using the link below