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Recycling changes - August 2017

A new company, called Alliance Environmental Services (AES), took over recycling and waste collection services in High Peak on Monday 7 August. 

There are some small changes to the way you recycle as part of the new arrangements

  • you should now put your glass bottles and jars in your brown bin together with other materials for recycling - we no longer use green boxes to collect glass separately
  • for the first time you can include food and drink cartons (e.g. Tetra Pak) in your brown bin

Collection calendars, which have been delivered to all households in the last few weeks, include details of glass and carton recycling along with a reminder of what can be put in your other bins.

If you think you may not have enough room in your brown bin please try the new collection method for a few weeks to see if you can manage.

  • Extra recycling can be put out next to your brown bin in a cardboard box or carrier bag with untied handles
  • Make sure you flatten cardboard boxes to make more space in your bin
  • Larger 360 litre bins are available but a £30 delivery charge will apply

What shall I do with my old green box?

We are not be collecting in the old green boxes. You may keep yours to use for storage in the loft, garage or garden shed!

Where will the recycling go?

After it's collected by AES and brought to our depot in Buxton, the contents of your brown bin are taken to a materials recycling facility in Deeside, North Wales for sorting before being sold.

About AES

AES is a joint venture partnership between High Peak Borough Council, our strategic alliance partner Staffordshire Moorlands District Council and Ansa - a wholly owned subsidiary of Cheshire East Council.

AES will ultimately provide recycling and waste collection, street cleaning, grounds maintenance and fleet management services across the High Peak and Staffordshire Moorlands. These services currently cost over £8m and the establishment of the company will achieve substantial savings of around £1.2m.