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New Discretionary Relief Scheme

In the Government's Budget on the 8th March 2017, the Chancellor announced the establishment of a £300m discretionary fund to support businesses, which have faced steep increases in their bills as a direct result of revaluation.

Relief is effective from 1 April 2017 and is available for four years. The amount of relief provided will reduce over the four year period.

Relief under the scheme will be awarded under the following criteria:

  • the rateable value of the property is less than 200,000
  • the increase in rates payable from 2016 to 2017 is a direct result of revaluation
  • the property was occupied as at 31.3.17 and on the 1.4.17 by the same ratepayer
  • there is no award of mandatory relief
  • the company is not of a national/multi-national nature
  • the premises are not occupied by a local authority, government agency (including NHS)
  • the relief is subject to state aid limits 

The Council is in the process of identifying those businesses that may be eligible for relief and will administer the scheme in the following way:-

  • for awards of £1,000 or less - the Council will grant without a formal application and issue notification which requests the business to contact the Council if they feel they are not eligible based on the criteria set
  • for awards of £1,000 or more, the Council will contact the individual businesses and encourage them to complete an application form and 'state aid' declaration