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Ready, Steady, Sell your eCommerce action plan for selling products online

89% of buyers which are your potential customers begin their buying journey through a search engine like Google. They click on your website. They are ready to buy...but they can't place an order. They move on. You've missed an opportunity to capture a new customer. Maybe it's time for your business to start selling online?

After this workshop, you'll know the answer to that question.

The workshop focusses on the practical. Can you make a profit online? What planning do you need to do? What sort of eCommerce website will you need? What about payments and legal questions?

Why do you buy online? Because it's quick, simple and engaging? This workshop will show how you can deliver the same experience for your customers.


Who should attend? Any business that sells physical products.

You may already sell through eBay, Amazon or another third party. You may have no online selling experience at all. Either way, this workshop is for you. It will tell you what you need to know to take control of your online selling and manage it yourself.


This workshop will cover:

  • Amazon and eBay; The pros and cons of online marketplaces
  • Is eCommerce for you? The costs and benefits
  • Strategy and Planning; The foundations for successful online selling
  • Websites, Software, eCommerce platforms; the technical bit - but not as daunting as you may think...
  • Getting paid: how PayPal and other third party gateways ensure you get your money


The outcome of this workshop is an action plan. Throughout the workshop you will build an online selling 'action plan' for your business. The plan will include merchandising, selling costs, your eCommerce website, choosing your web developer, online payments and legal considerations.

Confidence. The workshop will give you the confidence to start selling online. Can you put a price on that?



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Date: Wednesday 14th November 2018
Time: 9am - 4:30pm
Venue: Santo's Higham Farm, Main Road, Higham, Alfreton DE55 6EH