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Book a pest control appointment

The council's expert pest control team have the resources and knowledge to deal with your pest problem quickly and effectively. 

We can treat for: We don't treat for:
 Bees and honey bees

    Advice & costs

    We can offer advice on a variety of common pests, but if you still require a visit from our team, please get in touch. If you have children and/or pets, let us know so we can discuss the treatment plan with you.

    Call us on 0345 129 4870 Monday to Friday to book an appointment.

    Advice for businesses

    We also offer a commercial pest control service


    We use professional grade pesticides which contain different active ingredients to those available to buy in general stores. We will leave an advice sheet with details about any poisons used and emergency contact information should you have any health and safety concerns.

    It is sometimes necessary for the room, part of a premises or a whole premises to be vacated for a period of time after the treatment, we will provide advice before and after the treatment takes place.

    The council cannot accept liability for injury or ill health resulting from failures to follow this advice.