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Request a bin

The information and forms on this page are for domestic householders only

You might want to request a new or replacement bin for a number of reasons. This page will tell you how to do this online.

Never had a bin

If you've moved into a property without bins, you will need to order and pay for a set of bins at a cost of £30 each. This includes new build properties, although it is worth contacting your housing developer may agree to pay for the bins.

Larger or smaller bins

Smaller (140 litre) bins are available in all colours for single occupiers, couples or small families. Larger brown (360 litre) bins are also available.

You can apply to have a larger (360 litre) black lidded bin for general rubbish if you:

  • have five or more people living permanently at your address
  • have two or more babies using disposable nappies
  • have a medical condition which produces additional rubbish

If you apply for a larger rubbish bin on medical grounds you will have to provide proof of your medical condition e.g. a doctor or hospital letter with an explanation of your condition including a description of the additional waste produced. 

There is a £30 charge for a new bin to be delivered to you. You can order and pay for the bin using the form below.

If you are swapping your bin for a smaller or larger one please leave the old one accessible so we can remove it when we deliver the new one.

Damaged or stolen bins

There is a £30 charge to replace a damaged or missing bin. If your bin is missing please have a good look around, it may have been put back in a slightly different place or taken in by someone else by mistake.  Ask your neighbours if they have seen it.

If your bin falls into the back of the collection vehicle we will leave you a note and replace the bin free of charge.

Additional bins

You can buy an additional green bin if you regularly have more compostable material than will fit in a single green lidded bin.

There is an initial charge of £53.50 covering the delivery and collections until the next April. In the April after you get your extra bin you have to pay the annual charge. The current charge for subsequent years is £26.

We do not provide any other additional bins. Extra recycling can be put out on collection day in untied carrier bags so we can see the contents and easily tip them out.

Replacement boxes / bags

There is no charge for deliveries of recycling boxes for houses not suitable for bins.

Replacement textile recycling bags and compostable garden sacks will be posted to you.

Read our bin delivery FAQs for further information

Contact us if you have not received your bin within 10 working days of placing your order.