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Council tax


EMPTY HOMES:- Please note, the Council has engaged a Company called CAPACITY GRID to support with a review of empty residential properties within the Borough.  They are currently canvassing all properties which have been empty for over 6 months.  Therefore, if you do receive a letter, please respond using the contact details provided within the letter.

CREDITS:-This council does not send out text messages to customers informing them that their council tax account is in credit. If you receive a text about a credit on your council tax account, then we would advise you not to respond to that message.

Customers can check the balance of their council tax account online, or contact us for more information.

If you live in the High Peak area, you will usually need to pay council tax. You will be issued with a council tax reference number once you have told us you've moved into a property. You will then be able to view your council tax online by registering for an account with us using the options below.