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We want to explain to you our objectives, what we can and can't do, how we intend to make progress and how long we think it could take

In times past the Victoria Hall, Town Hall, Market Hall and Municipal Buildings have been the centre of civic and community life in Glossop.

Time has moved on - our economy and society itself has changed. These buildings, which were so important in the past, are being left behind, are now underused and, in some cases, their fabric is deteriorating.

Previous public consultation, including 'Open Halls' which started in 2012, has told us that local people have a strong desire to see them brought back into use once again. However, we and other public bodies now have no direct use for a number of the buildings and they are increasingly becoming a drain on public finances.

The Council would like to see these iconic buildings brought back in to community use. Our objectives are:

  • To use existing funding to repair the buildings and work with interested groups to secure further funding to ensure they are structurally sound and fit for use.
  • To bring the buildings back into the best use possible - we are looking for a use or combination of uses which bring economic and social benefits for local people. They should attract people to the town centre, have a positive impact on local businesses, and their appearance should enhance the town.
  • To limit the cost of running and maintaining these buildings and the potential future financial liability - we are looking to use the space for activities which generate enough income to pay for the management of the buildings and their ongoing maintenance as well as the activity itself.
  • To secure the future of the buildings as community assets - we want to ensure that the buildings remain as assets of benefit to the local community. We are willing to transfer ownership and/or control of some or all of the buildings but only if we are convinced that the assets are properly protected.

Previous Consultation 2012 [23KB]

Glossop Location Map [1MB]

Glossop Halls Location Map [1MB]