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Can I make an arrangement to pay?

We do not offer payment arrangements once a final notice has been issued, unless you choose to set up a direct debit.

Direct Debit

Setting up a direct debit is the only way to continue paying by instalments once a final notice has been issued. This is classed as a 'special arrangement', and a letter will be sent to you to confirm that the direct debit is in place. You can choose to pay on the 1st, 15th or 30th of each month, and spread the instalments over a 10 or 12 month period.

Please Note: If the final notice is for a closed account, you will not be able to set up a direct debit, and the full balance will still need to be paid within 7 days.

Contacting us

If you have exceptional circumstances, and need to contact our recovery team, get in touch with us using the contact form below.