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Court imposes fines for dog fouling and littering in High Peak

Three High Peak residents have been handed court fines for littering and another was penalised for a dog fouling offence.

Magistrates at Derby Justice Centre fined Jake Reid, who lives in Buxton, for failing to pick up after his dog in February. New Mills residents Charlene Davies and Anne Barber, and Oliver Wharmby, of Whaley Bridge, were all fined for littering offences which occurred in February this year.

All offences were witnessed by an Enforcement Officer for High Peak Borough Council who issued the individuals with fixed penalty notice fines. The Council took the cases to court after they failed to pay.

22-year-old Mr Reid, of High Street, was fined for a dog fouling offence which took place at the entrance to the car park on Market Street in Buxton on 28 February. He was ordered to pay a £220 fine, costs of £150 and a £30 victim surcharge.

Ms Davies, 37, of Beard Crescent, dropped a cigarette butt on Market Street in Buxton on 8 February. She was fined £220 and ordered to pay costs of £200 and a £30 victim surcharge by the court.

41-year-old Ms Barber, of Ollersett Drive, pleaded guilty to dropping a cigarette end or piece of paper on Terrace Road in Buxton on 22 February this year. She received a £50 fine with costs of £50 and a £30 victim surcharge.

Oliver Wharmby, 25, of Vaughan Road, was fined £220 for dropping a cigarette butt or paper on Henry Street in Glossop on 21 February this year. The court also ordered him to pay costs of £150 and £30 victim surcharge.

Councillor Julie McCabe, Executive Councillor for Community Safety, said: "We're prioritising tackling anti-social behaviour, such as dropping litter or failing to pick up after your dog, because residents tell us that being able to enjoy clean and safe public spaces is important to them.

"That's why we will pursue the minority of individuals that don't act in the wider interests of the community through the courts. We hope it sends a strong message to everyone that we won't tolerate thoughtless actions such as these.

"It may seem to some people that these fines are high but I would just like to stress that taking cases to court is the final stage in the process. People can easily avoid being fined by not dropping litter and by carrying and using bags to pick up after their dogs. And when we do need to issue fixed penalties we send several payment reminders before taking court action."