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Council tax's contribution to the annual budget

The table below shows the total gross expenditure for the council and how the money is raised. 

Budget requirements19/20
18/19 (£Million)17/18 (£Million)16/17 (£Million)
Gross expenditure of High Peak Borough Council£46.5£50.3£50.7£49.7
Less capital charges    
Less other income£-36.5£-40.7£-40.9-£39.7
Total net costs:£10.0£9.6£9.8£10.0
Funded from:    
Grant from Government£-0.6£-0.5£-1.3-£1.9
Business Rates£-3.5£-3.5£-3.1-£2.8
Total to be raised from council tax£5.9M£5.6M£5.4M£5.3M