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Small electrical items

How to recycle small electrical items

We collect small electrical items as part of our recycling collections.

Simply leave your unwanted or broken electrical items next to your green lidded or black bin on collection day.

  • Make sure your item is smaller than 30cm x 40cm so it will fit in the cage on the vehicle
  • Remove batteries but leave cables and plugs attached
  • There is no need to put items inside a plastic bag

Visit Glossopdale Furniture Project if your item still works and could be reused by someone else.

We can only recycle...

Kettles, toasters, irons and other small kitchen appliances
Hairdryers, straighteners and clippers
Clocks, watches, calculators and torches
Remote controls, mobile phones, cameras and chargers
Radios, CD and MP3 players
Small electronic toys e.g. remote control cars
Small power tools, smoke detectors and thermostats

Items that are too big or not listed above will not be collected.

We can't recycle...

Anything larger than 30cm x 40cm
Lightbulbs, fluorescent tubes
Televisions, computer monitors and laptops
Fridges and freezers
Vacuum cleaners
Washing machines, cookers and ovens
Glass or ceramic items e.g. slow cookers or glass kettles

We collect large electrical items as part of a separate, chargeable collection service.