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Do you need help paying council tax?

Council Tax Reduction Scheme

Our Local Council tax Reduction Scheme is changing from 1st April 2023.  The details of the new banded scheme are in the grid below. If you are already in receipt of Local Council Tax Reduction the change to the new scheme will be automatic you will not need to do anything.  This webpage will be updated with the details of how applications can be made very soon.  You can still apply for this help now under our existing scheme up until 31st March 2023.

Discount BandDiscountSingle Person  Single Person with one ChildSingle person with two or more childrenCoupleCouple with one childCouple with two or more children
Band 1100%£0 - £95.00£0 - £170.00£0 - £245.00£0 - £140.00£0 -£215.00£0 -£290.00
Band 275%£95.01 - £145.00£170.01 -£220.00£245.01 - £295.00£140.01 - £190.00£205.01 - £265.00£290.01 -£340.00 
Band 350%£145.01 -£195.00£220.01 - £270.00£295.01 - £345.00£190.01 -£240.00£265.01 - £315.00£340.01 -£390.00
Band 425%£195.01 - £245.00£270.01 - £320.00£345.01 - £395.00£240.00  - £290.00£315.01 - £365.00£390.01 -£440.00
 0%Over £245.00Over £320.00Over £395.00Over £290.00Over £365.00Over £440.00 

Who can claim

You can claim 'council tax reduction' if you receive a council tax bill for the property you live in, and the bill is in your name or joint names with someone else.  

You won't be able to claim if:

  • you are of pension age and you and any partner have over £16,000 in savings (unless you receive the guarantee element of Pension Credit Savings Credit)
  • you are working age and you and any partner have more than £16,000 in savings. 

Use our benefits calculator to work out what you are entitled to.

How to apply

You can apply online by clicking in the button below.

  • The application will take between 15 and 20 minutes to complete. 
  • You will need to have your personal and income details in order to complete the form.
  • Please upload any evidence when you complete the form as this will speed up the processing of your claim.
  • You will need an email address to complete the form and you may be contacted by email if we require any further information

Second Adult Rebate (SAR)

Second Adult Rebate is a form of Council Tax Reduction. Single people in a household are awarded a 25% discount off their Council Tax bill. If you don't get this discount because a dependant adult lives with you, you may be entitled to Second Adult Rebate.

Other council tax discounts

If you are not entitled to council tax reduction you may be entitled to a discount if you:

  • are a student
  • are the only adult living in a property
  • are disabled and have adapted your home
  • own an empty property that you are not living in
  • have moved away to provide or receive care