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Monitoring of planning policies is done through the Annual Monitoring Report (AMR).

Why monitor policies?

Monitoring helps to establish what is happening now, what might happen in the future and, by comparing trends against existing policies and targets, sets out what needs to be done.

It helps address questions like:

  • are the policies achieving their intended objectives?
  • have policies had any unintentional consequences?
  • are the assumptions and objectives behind the policies still relevant?
  • are targets being achieved?

The monitoring period is from 1 April to 31 March each year.

Viewing the report

Annual Monitoring Report 2019-2020 [897KB]

Annual Monitoring Report 2018 -2019 [6MB]

Annual Monitoring Report Employment 2018-19 [170KB]

Annual Monitoring Report 2017 - 2018 [4MB]

Annual Monitoring Report 2016 - 2017 [621KB]

Annual Monitoring Report 2015-16 [422KB]

Annual Monitoring Report 2014-15 [1MB]

Annual Monitoring Report 2013-14 [956KB]

Housing Land Supply

The National Planning Policy Framework sets out the requirements for us to update a 'Housing Land Supply Schedule' each year.

This measures our progress against specific objectives to provide five years worth of housing against the NPPF requirements.

High Peak 5 year Housing Land Supply April 2020 [1MB]

High Peak 5 year Housing Land Supply December 2019 [674KB]

High Peak 5 year Housing Land Supply March 2018 [236KB]

High Peak 5 year housing land supply September 2016 [21KB]

High Peak 5 year housing land supply March 2016 [20KB]

High Peak 5 year housing land supply December 2015 [51KB]

Adopted plan 5 year supply March 2017 [20KB]

Employment land monitoring

The National Planning Policy Framework also requires monitoring of availability of employment land.

View the recent planning approvals for both gains and losses of employment land and buildings here. [171KB]

High Peak Employment Monitoring 2017-18 [19KB]

Infrastructure Funding Statements

Infrastructure Funding Statements set out details of monetary and non-monetary contributions secured from developers towards infrastructure.

High Peak Infrastructure Funding Statement 2019 - 20 [147KB]