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Temporary event notice (TEN)

What a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) is for, how to apply and what it costs.

When do I need a TEN?

TEN's can be applied for to permit temporary licensable activities, either in a premises or outside in an open space.  Also see our Events in Public Places webpage for information. 

Licensable activities include:

How often can I apply for a TEN?

A personal licence holder will be able to give a TEN in relation to licensable activities on up to 50 occasions in a year. If you don't hold a personal licence the limit is 5 per year.

Premises are subject to the limitation of 15 TENs in anyone year with a maximum of 21 days total. Anyone applying for a TEN must be aged 18 or over.

How to apply

Standard TENs

To apply for a standard TEN you must:

  • apply no later than 10 working days before the event is due to take place (this doesn't include the day the TEN is received by us).
  • provide 2 copies of the TEN to us, the licensing authority together with fee
  • provide a copy of the TEN to the local Police: Licensing Clerk, Derbyshire Constabulary, B Division, Silverlands, Buxton, SK17 6QJ.
  • provide a copy to the Environmental Health team at the council. The address is P.O Box 136, Buxton, SK17 1AQ.

If there are no representations from the Police or Environmental Health (which they must do within 3 working days of receiving) your application will automatically be granted, the council can refuse if the application is out of time or if the number of TENs allowed for a premises or individual is surpassed within a 12 month period. In certain circumstances conditions may be added to a TEN. The copy of the application that you send to us will be endorsed as granted and returned to you with the notice.   

Please note that the TEN document should either be on display or available for inspection if required, during the period of the event.  


Application fee for a Temporary Event Notice - £21

Late TENs

The application is the same as a standard TEN (including the application form), but you must apply no later than 5 working days before the event is due to take place.

A non-personal licence holder may give up to two per year (that counts towards their 5) and personal licence holders may give up to ten (that counts towards their 50).

If the Police or Environmental Health Department object then the event will not go ahead.

Apply online for your Temporary Event Notice


In the event that a standard TEN is objected to by the Police or Environmental Health and the applicant appeals then a hearing of the sub-committee may then be held to determine the outcome.  However, in the event of a late TEN being objected to there is no case for appeal.  The objections made by the police or Environmental Health should be related to the licensing objectives being undermined.  The licensing objectives set out by the Licensing Act 2003 are:

  1. the prevention of crime and disorder
  2. public safety
  3. prevention of public nuisance
  4. the protection of children from harm


If you do not have a TEN and carry out an activity that you should have a licence for (or allow your premises to be used for one) you can be fined, sent to prison for up to 6 months, or both.