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Our responsibilities

As your landlord, we are committed to providing an excellent repairs and maintenance service, and the responsibility of looking after your home is a joint one.

What we are responsible for 

We want to maintain your home as best we can and rely on you to help us by reporting repairs promptly and allowing us reasonable access to carry out work.

  • keeping the structure and exterior of the property in good repair
  • keeping the essential services to the property in good repair and working order
  • keeping communal amenities in working order
  • taking care to prevent or repair defects to keep tenants and others reasonably safe from personal injury or damage to their property
  • making good finishes to plaster work following the carrying out of any repair

What we are not responsible for

We will not be responsible for the costs of repairs that you or any member of your household cause by neglect or misuse.  If they pose a risk to you or your home we will repair them, but you will be charged for this work, which may include legal action.