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Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) and design guidance

SPDs provide more detailed advice and guidance on policies in the Local Plan. We use them to help us make decisions on planning applications. 

Developer Contributions Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

The Council is preparing a Developer Contributions SPD which will set out guidance for affordable housing, open space, education, health and other forms of infrastructure required to address the impact of development and how contributions will be calculated. The Council identified a number of issues and options for consideration and inclusion within the SPD and consulted on these during March/April 2022. Following the consideration of responses to the consultation the Council has now prepared a draft SPD.

Consultation on the draft SPD, held from 19th January to 3rd March 2023 has now closed.  Any comments received will be reported to Council and the new SPD will be adopted later in 2023.

Draft SPD [627KB]
SEA Screening Report [224KB]
HRA Screening Report [2MB]

Water in Buxton

The Water In Buxton SPD was adopted by the Council on 9th December 2021. The SPD seeks to provide additional guidance in support of policies in the adopted High Peak Local Plan 2016 which aim to protect the quality and quantity of water sources in the Buxton area and to minimise phosphate levels in the River Wye and the Peak District Dales Special Area of Conservation (SAC).

Water in Buxton SPD [2MB]

Appendix A Code of Practice Drilling [1MB]

Appendix B Code of Practice Excavations [1MB]

Appendix D Map of Nature Conservation Sites [5MB]

Adoption Statement [116KB]

Schedule of Modifications [191KB]

Consultation Statement [258KB]

Strategic Environmental Assessment Screening Report [924KB]

SEA Screening Determination Statement [113KB]

High Peak Design Guide 

The Council has recently adopted the High Peak Design Guide SPD. Since its adoption the Government has published its revised National Planning Policy Framework 2018.  The Council's design guide should be applied with regard to the revised framework and in particular Chapter 12 -  Achieving well designed places.

High Peak Design Guide SPD

High Peak Design Guide Adoption Statement [96KB]

High Peak Design Guide Consultation Statement [131KB]

Housing development

Housing design and layout, produced by HPBC.

Adopted residential design SPD (December 2005) [4MB]   
Residential Design SPD - Sustainability Appraisal Report [818KB]

Making developments safer, produced by HPBC and Derbyshire Police.

Designing out crime SPD (June 2005) [14MB]

Housing needs

Housing needs in the High Peak SPD - November 2007 [480KB]
Housing needs in High Peak SPD - Sustainability Appraisal [924KB]

Shop fronts

Design guidance for shop fronts and signage.

Design guide for signs [1MB]    Design guide for shop fronts [1MB]

Buxton Design and Place Making Strategy

We have worked with the public to put together a strategy to provide a clear vision for how Buxton's town centre will look as it continues to change. We also agreed to a set of design principles to guide and manage future change.

Buxton Design and Place Making Strategy [5MB]

Buxton Station Road Design Framework [10MB]

Glossop Design and Place Making Strategy

This has been put together by the public and follows a programme of workshops held in 2010. People and groups with an interest in Glossop were invited to have their say and put together a vision for the future development of the town and its surrounding area.

Glossop Design and Place Making Strategy (sections 1-4) [16MB]

Glossop Design and Place Making Strategy (sections 5-6) [6MB]

Design brief - Woods Mill area [7MB]    Design brief - Town Hall complex [3MB]

SPD - Consultation document [27KB]    SPD - Adoption statement [13KB]

Landscape character

We have worked with partners to provide guidance for the design and location of new development in the countryside to ensure that it respects and contributes towards enhancing local character of the landscape.

Landscape Character SPD (March 2006) [1MB]

Consultation statement (Landscape character SPD) [37KB]    Sustainability appraisal (Landscape character SPD) [2MB]

Torr Vale Development Brief

Torr Vale Mill development brief [568KB]

Character appraisals

Read more about adopted character appraisals.

Planning obligations SPD

Planning Obligations SPD Dec 2005 [549KB]

Sustainability Appraisal - Planning Obligations Sept 2005 [750KB]